At the moment there is still al lot to implement, but easyGB is yet a powerfull guestbook system. Afterwards there is a list, of all the features I implemented yet. If you want some other features, feel free to write me an email.

  1. email check
  2. hompage check
  3. message check
  4. template system
  5. multiple database support
  6. webbased administration interface
  7. installtion skript
  8. max numbers of entries per page
  9. fully 'html4.01 transitional' compatible

email check

before adding an entry to the database easyGB checks if the email address is spelled right. a email address must only consist of names, numbers, and some other symbols, includngin dots and underscores, followed by @ and then any servername with an tld. easyGB checks this syntax by using an regular expression, and if it's not an regular email, it doesn't add this value to the database.

hompage check

easyGB makes sure, that the syntax of any entered url is correct by checking if with a regular expression. There may still be some bugs in this feature, but I checked it with every url I could think about. There should be no problem with subdomains, directories, or user directories like '~user'. If there occur any errors, please send me an email.

message check

You can specify in the configuration file, which html tags easyGB allows to input into the database, but I would be very carefully with this option, since you often don't know who's going to sign your guestbook, and it won't be a good surprise to be linked to some kind of bad web sites.

template system

the layout of the guestbook is specified with a template, so you can easily change or adopt the layout by just changing the templates
i also plan to provide multiple sets of skins, o you just have to download and unpack the skin to change the layout of your guestbook.

multiple database support

altough there is just one database include file for mySQL at the moment, it is planned to add support for more database systems such as PostgreSQL, or SQL Server, and ODBC. New databases can be easily imported by just donwloading the proper cinlude file, copying it ot the 'inc/db' directory, and selecting it via the web interface.

webbased administration interface

you can easily administrate your guestbook with the included web administration interface. it supports viewing, editing and deleting of special entries as well as deleting all entries. in addition you can also manage your easyGB configuration with this interface.

installation skript

easyGB comes with an installation script, wich creates the database and the table for you, and allows you to configure your guestbook.

max number of entries per page

With version 2.1 I added a new feature which lets the admin now specifiy a number of entries per page, so the guestbook pages won't need too long to load, even when there are very many entries.

fully 'html4.01 transitional' compatible

easyGB is fully compatible to the w3c html4.01 transitional standard (for more onformation on this standard click here). But as the code is completly seperated from the layout, this is only true if you use one of my skins, and do not allow html code in the guestbook entries.

UP Valid HTML 4.01!