Version 2.1

  • Added the ability to specifiy a maximum number of entries per page.

Version 2.0

  • Completly new template system. The system no searches each template for code like , sets the variable 'variable_name' global, and replaces it. so it is now possible to add new variables without editing the template system.
  • New improved Admin System, which includes the ability to read / edit / delete guestbook entries and change the configuration of easyGB. Authentification works with cookies and a username / password which is specified in the configuration file. There is also the ability to lock the Admin System, so no one can make any changes.
  • New Installation Script, which is automatically loaded when calling the the easyGB sites for the first time. The script allows you to configure easyGB and it is also possible to create the database and the table. After finishing the installation, you should delete the installation file.

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